Magali Schwartzkopff née Cora was born in San Juan ,Puerto Rico. She started painting
20 years ago and began her examination of the relationship between structure and organic
forms, 6 years ago. A self taught artist, Magali painted her first work in 1991; already
embracing bold forms in mix media, which she uses to date. In this way she uncovered
the creative outlet which was essential healthy connection to her spiritual been. Her Visual
language is born from fierce emotions and lavish style of he Latin American heritage,
which she instinctively combines with opulence that describes her character and depicted
in her work.

Her work is mainly abstract and her multimedia compositions explore the boundary of
both organic and inorganic worlds, She uses gold leaf, granite, Muscovite, ceramic, bark,
dry pigment and resins, and broken glass just to name a few. Most of her paintings are
made on thick canvas and are framed with color and/or texture as an alternative to
traditional framing.



Artist's Statement

If I could say it with words there would be no reason to paint.

I have chosen to express and understand my feelings and emotions through abstract painting.
I find freedom, rhythm and movement inside of me when I paint.

I use rollers, sponges or pour paint directly onto the canvas to express myself. Texture takes
over my work by the use of metal, stones, wood, paper, dry pigments, acryl colors, oil, dry paint,
resins or a combination of these in order to create a sense of what I call understated opulence.
Gold and red colors come very easily to my hand representing richness and the sense of passion
in things I do. There is a meditative process that often results in the dialogue between order and
chaos—a theme that runs unintentionally through my work. I usually frame my work with paint as
almost protecting it from the outside work and drawing attention to a place inside of me.

I feel extremely connected to my art, which at times makes it difficult for me to part with it.
In order to make it the separation process easier I give my art “a name” when I know whom
“it will belong to”. This way I feel they will always be connected to me in a physical way.